What Advice Does David Stewart Have for Western Kentucky Graduates?

On May 16th, thousands of undergraduate students will don their caps and gowns and receive their diploma from Western Kentucky University. As one of the top schools in the state of Kentucky and the entire southeastern region, Western Kentucky produces many talented young men and women, but as with many of us who were that age once know, the future can be intimidating. As a resident of Western Kentucky’s home, Bowling Green, KY, and a successful businessman, David Stewart has seen many talented people from Western Kentucky and other universities take their talents to the real world. Here are some things many of them know:

You Don’t Have to Have Everything Figured Out When You’re 25: Most of us don’t. If you don’t have your dream job right out of college, that’s okay. A great majority of us will have a career change at least five times in our lives. This is the time to learn more about yourself and the workplace to see what you might like to do to make a living. Always keep an ear for opportunities. You’ll be surprised how careers are made through a random series of events.

You’re Allowed to Fail: Our early twenties are the time to fail. As we get older, most of us will have more responsibilities that limit our ability to take chances: families, mortgages, etc. When you’re 22 or 23, you’re most likely renting and don’t have children yet. This is the time to take a chance and pursue your passion. If you do fail, you can pick yourself up and try something else.

Don’t Burn Bridges: Remember earlier about always keeping your eye open to new opportunities? The truth is that you’ll never know where that next opportunity might come from. Therefore, it’s important to make connections and keep those connections open. For example, if you leave a job that you don’t particularly like, don’t then trash the boss or your co-workers. You may never know where you might run into them into the future.

David Stewart would like to wish Western Kentucky graduates the best of luck as they make their mark in the world.