How Do People Cheat on their Taxes?

Although people really do hate to pay their taxes, do many of them cheat? According to one IRS report released in 2006 as reported by CNBC, 83 percent of people paid their taxes correctly and on-time. The other 17 percent either underreported their income or did not file a tax return at all. In fact, 90 percent of people do believe that paying taxes is part of their civic duty. For 60 percent of taxpayers, the other reason why they paid their taxes on time is because a fear of getting caught.


According to the IRS’s website, penalties for tax evasion depend on the level of the crime and how many times the person has been charged with the crime. For example, for a first time offense, tax evaders could spend as much as five years in prison and be forced to pay up to $250,000. Corporations would have to pay as much as $500,000. Still, the number of people who get charged with tax evasion is low. Only about 1% of people and corporations are audited each year and about 1,000 people go to jail each year with sentences ranging from a few months to 15 months in most cases.


In regard to how people can cheat on their taxes, underreporting income is far and away the most popular reason why people are charged with tax evasion. Falsifying income or receipts and not reporting income at all are far less common. And then there’s the question of whether there was intent. Tax avoidance is perfectly legal and can sometimes get mixed with tax evasion. It really can be a question of interpretation.


Still, it’s never fun to have your name associated with tax evasion. David Stewart of Bowling Green, KY found his name and tax evasion going together a few years back, and it can produce a negative stigma. Therefore, it’s always smart to really take a look at your records and make sure you are paying the full amount on your taxes.


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David Stewart is Excited about the Possibility of Passenger Rail in Bowling Green

Image of passenger train

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KTC) has recently proposed a passenger rail line that would stop in Bowling Green, KY and David Stewart couldn’t be happier. Stewart, an energy consultant and life-long Bowling Green resident, has always had the economic and societal wellbeing of the area at heart, and sees great opportunity for everyone there with the addition of a new rail line.

The proposal details a roughly 15-stop line that would run from Louisville to Atlanta, with stops in various towns and cities along the way and, according to David Stewart, the advantages of this new passenger train for Bowling Green would be great.

The most obvious and important of these advantages is accessibility. A rail line is a portal that makes travel from smaller areas to larger ones cheaper, safer, and simpler. Many areas that were not easy to reach or that people would have to drive out of their way to get to would now simply be a train ride away. This easier access also brings with it economic advantages for businesses in and around the line by allowing them to cater to commuters and encouraging local tourism. In addition, train lines stimulate job growth, as they allow people to commute more easily to urban areas and vice versa.

According to the “Your Turn” survey conducted in 2013 by the KTC, the primary transportation method of those questioned was overwhelmingly (88%) personal vehicle. Though the reason for this is not explicitly stated, one of the major factors in the way that Americans travel has always been availability. In cities, there are buses, taxis, light rail options, and sometimes even trollies; when you head out into the country, many of these options are not available and highways become the most direct way to get from one place to another. In Kentucky, most transportation spending in recent decades has been funneled towards highway building and maintenance. A train line could change all of that.

However, for now the proposed rail line is just an idea. Without either a substantial government grant or private funding – the latter of which is more likely – there’s very little chance that the plan will come to fruition any time soon. While the window for public comment on the proposal has ended, David Stewart is still hoping that public engagement and awareness of this issue will help sway any decision makers and prove the viability of this particular plan.

David Stewart of Bowling Green KY: A Faithful Attendee of the Lost River Music Festival

Image of music festival

There is absolutely no denying how many of us love the sound of music. Imagine a world without it; where would we be? Without our favorite songs, compositions, or even instruments, our lives would be deprived of the beauty that music brings to us. Whether you are rocking out to your favorite song and turning up the volume when it gets to that incredible guitar riff or singing your heart out to a newly released pop hit, there is no doubting the absolute power of music to bring people together.

David Stewart of Bowling Green KY is a music lover himself. After all, who said that petroleum and oil experts can’t appreciate a good old fashioned tune? David Stewart is an avid fan of music and supports it whenever he has the opportunity to do so. According to him, there is nothing quite like a song that touches your heart, makes you relate to the lyrics, and feel like the song was written directly for you.

That is why David Stewart is excited about the upcoming Lost River Music Festival. As a fan of the unique blend of rock and roll, country, bluegrass, soul and southern culture that this festival brings together, David Stewart is unquestionably going to attend. Plus, he finds festivals to be a great time no matter what, which is one of the other reasons he is going to make a special appearance.

When it comes to the best of Bowling Green music, the Lost River Music Festival can’t be beat. The event brings important and innovative acts to Bowling Green, Kentucky, both livening up the town and giving more people a reason to visit. The festival takes place in the Bowling Green Ballpark on October 25th, and will feature ZZ Top as a headliner, with several other local acts.

This year, the proceeds of the Lost River Music Festival will go to Hotel, INC., JDRF, the Center for Courageous Kids, and even the Salvation Army. These are excellent causes to support, as far as David Stewart is concerned, which is yet another reason that he is so fond of the festival—aside from the fabulous music, of course. The Lost River Music Festival is proud to support these organizations while simultaneously offering some of the best acts available in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area.

David Stewart is proud of this festival; it brings a lot to the community and is just one more example of the growing arts and culture scene in the area. He encourages all to attend . . . he sure will be!

David Stewart Bowling Green KY Upcoming Events 2014

Here are some great events coming up in Bowling Green Kentucky that David Stewart wants you to know about!

Will you be attending any of these fun events in Bowling Green? Let us know!

- David Stewart Bowling Green KY

David Stewart Bowling Green Lost River Cave

In this post, David Stewart in Bowling Green, Kentucky writes about a stunning new attraction that’s been added to Bowling Green’s already impressive lineup: the Lost River Cave group kayak tours. Boat tours have long been available in Lost River, but in the past they were always aboard large tour boats. Now, tourists have the option of taking a kayak tour instead, exploring the waters of the underground system actively and getting to see everything up close.

For some readers, this left a question: how safe is it? After all, caves offer a particularly challenging environment for any kind of tour group, and kayaking is often thought of as an adventure sport. But David Stewart says that Bowling Green’s newest tour is as safe as they come.

For starters, it’s important to realize that the tour is not a white water rafting experience. The Lost River Cave has no rapids of any kind, and indeed very little current. Kayakers of all ages will find that they can paddle at a gentle pace and easily turn, back up and move around freely. There are no obstacles that present a threat to kayakers.

But the creator of the cave tour, an intern from Western Kentucky University’s recreation administration program, still wanted to emphasize safety and make the tour accessible for everyone. That’s why every kayak tour starts with a brief introduction class. Tour goers will learn how to control their kayak and move fluidly through the water. They’ll also be prepped on safety precautions and what to do if they fall out of the kayak, which is uncommon.

Ultimately, however, the tour goers benefit from the best safety net of all: shallow water. If someone does manage to tip over during the tour, they’ll find that they can simply stand up in the underground river, which is typically about waist deep. The tour guide will then help them right their kayak and get back in safely.

As with all tours, the Lost River Cave kayak tour is designed to be beginner friendly and open to people of all ages. The tour guides have found that even people with no kayaking experience at all tend to quickly learn the basics and feel comfortable on the water. They’ve already done a number of tours with families, young children and teenagers.

Exploring an underground river may not be for everyone, but if you’re in the Bowling Green area and like a little bit of adventure, David Stewart think you’ll find the Lost River Cave tour a fun—and safe—option.

David Stewart Bowling Green KY Oil Lawsuit

David Stewart Bowling Green KY Oil Lawsuit

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Foreign Industries: Their Beneficial Impact on Bowling Green’s Economy

As if Bowling Green, Kentucky, could not be known for more than being the home of numerous manufacturers such as General Motors and for being the source of all Chevrolet Corvettes built since 1981, another large surprise comes by: it turns out that Bowling Green has some other growing investments.

These investments include foreign companies. The foreign companies coming in are spurring economic growth for Bowling Green.  David Stewart of Bowling Green Kentucky approves of these foreign companies coming in and helping to spread economic growth. Bowling Green will experience a profitable presence thanks to these foreign companies coming in.

Foreign companies who have come to the area of Bowling Green include Austria, Germany, Canada, Finland, Sweden, France, Japan, and the Netherlands. That is quite a few different foreign companies, which all can help tremendously in the economic growth of Bowling Green.

The foreign industries that Bowling Green has introduced into their community includes steel, automotive parts, plastics, and many others. There is a total of 17 foreign-owned business in Bowling Green, seven of which are Japanese, according to a report from the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development.

One country who has had a significant impact on Bowling Green’s economic growth is Japan. Japanese-owned corporations have provided quite a bit for the community of Bowling Green. With seven new Japanese-owned companies in the Bowling Green area, they have supplied a total capital investment of more than $250 million. In addition, Japanese-owned companies in Bowling Green have helped the community to gain more than 700 jobs, according to the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce.

One positive aspect of having foreign-based companies come to the Bowling Green area means that not only will there be more jobs, but there will also be a growth of new businesses and establishments can crop up. Establishments such as restaurants or schools often appear around where a very large and certainly successful company is located.

Luckily, foreign companies in the area are growing. A $150 million venture is the largest capital investment in the state

Foreign investment in the area is growing. The chamber recently announced the location of the Constellium-UACJ – based in Europe and Japan – Body-In-White Plant in the Kentucky Transpark, which has been a complete success. The $150 million venture is the largest capital investment in the state.

David Stewart, a petroleum and oil expert who lives in Bowling Green, certainly approves of the economic growth that the foreign companies are producing for the Bowling Green area. Hopefully new schools, establishments, and restaurants will be seen on the rise as well.