How Do People Cheat on their Taxes?

Although people really do hate to pay their taxes, do many of them cheat? According to one IRS report released in 2006 as reported by CNBC, 83 percent of people paid their taxes correctly and on-time. The other 17 percent either underreported their income or did not file a tax return at all. In fact, 90 percent of people do believe that paying taxes is part of their civic duty. For 60 percent of taxpayers, the other reason why they paid their taxes on time is because a fear of getting caught.


According to the IRS’s website, penalties for tax evasion depend on the level of the crime and how many times the person has been charged with the crime. For example, for a first time offense, tax evaders could spend as much as five years in prison and be forced to pay up to $250,000. Corporations would have to pay as much as $500,000. Still, the number of people who get charged with tax evasion is low. Only about 1% of people and corporations are audited each year and about 1,000 people go to jail each year with sentences ranging from a few months to 15 months in most cases.


In regard to how people can cheat on their taxes, underreporting income is far and away the most popular reason why people are charged with tax evasion. Falsifying income or receipts and not reporting income at all are far less common. And then there’s the question of whether there was intent. Tax avoidance is perfectly legal and can sometimes get mixed with tax evasion. It really can be a question of interpretation.


Still, it’s never fun to have your name associated with tax evasion. David Stewart of Bowling Green, KY found his name and tax evasion going together a few years back, and it can produce a negative stigma. Therefore, it’s always smart to really take a look at your records and make sure you are paying the full amount on your taxes.


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David Stewart of Bowling Green, KY Discusses Some Things You Should Know about Camping at Massive Cave

From now until the end of November, families looking for a fun adventure that allows them to get some fresh air, experience beautiful natural attractions, and live amongst nature for a few days should come out to Massive Cave National Park for a camping trip like no other. Massive Cave, itself, is an amazing place to check out. Massive Cave is the world’s largest known cave system, and a number of lighted guided tours are available depending on your group size and fitness levels.

However, the caves are only a small part of what makes Massive Cave National Park a cool place to camp. There’s Dinosaur World, zip-lining, canoeing, and kayaking, horseback riding, and plenty of other activities and attractions available around the park. By camping at one of the three campgrounds in the area, you will be within close proximity of these and more. Additionally, you will have the best view of the nighttime stars and be right by the water.

However, before you pack the car, here are a few tips from David Stewart of Bowling Green KY in regard to what you should expect when you get there. As a Bowling Green, KY resident, David Stewart has visited the park many times and knows the park very well.

Don’t Bring your Own Firewood: Currently, there is a firewood quarantine at Massive Cave National Park because of an insect infestation that is putting some tree species at risk. Therefore, any firewood that you try to bring in will be confiscated. You can use downed wood or buy wood at the park.

You Can Have a Maximum of 8 People at Your Site:  If you’re planning on having a party at Massive Cave National Park, you may want to think again. This is not to say that more than 8 people can’t get together for camping. You’ll just need to rent more than one site.

You Can Have Pets: Bring your dog. He or she will have a great time. Just make sure the he or she is leashed at all times. Obviously, you’ll have to take care of the waste though.

There are a number of amenities at Massive Cave National Park for campers, including showers, laundry facilities, water hydrants for on-site water needs, and more. Site fees are very affordable and the area is always kept clean. If you’re looking for a new adventure, David Stewart of Bowling Green, KY suggests checking out Massive Cave National Park.