David Stewart of Bowling Green KY: A Faithful Attendee of the Lost River Music Festival

Image of music festival

There is absolutely no denying how many of us love the sound of music. Imagine a world without it; where would we be? Without our favorite songs, compositions, or even instruments, our lives would be deprived of the beauty that music brings to us. Whether you are rocking out to your favorite song and turning up the volume when it gets to that incredible guitar riff or singing your heart out to a newly released pop hit, there is no doubting the absolute power of music to bring people together.

David Stewart of Bowling Green KY is a music lover himself. After all, who said that petroleum and oil experts can’t appreciate a good old fashioned tune? David Stewart is an avid fan of music and supports it whenever he has the opportunity to do so. According to him, there is nothing quite like a song that touches your heart, makes you relate to the lyrics, and feel like the song was written directly for you.

That is why David Stewart is excited about the upcoming Lost River Music Festival. As a fan of the unique blend of rock and roll, country, bluegrass, soul and southern culture that this festival brings together, David Stewart is unquestionably going to attend. Plus, he finds festivals to be a great time no matter what, which is one of the other reasons he is going to make a special appearance.

When it comes to the best of Bowling Green music, the Lost River Music Festival can’t be beat. The event brings important and innovative acts to Bowling Green, Kentucky, both livening up the town and giving more people a reason to visit. The festival takes place in the Bowling Green Ballpark on October 25th, and will feature ZZ Top as a headliner, with several other local acts.

This year, the proceeds of the Lost River Music Festival will go to Hotel, INC., JDRF, the Center for Courageous Kids, and even the Salvation Army. These are excellent causes to support, as far as David Stewart is concerned, which is yet another reason that he is so fond of the festival—aside from the fabulous music, of course. The Lost River Music Festival is proud to support these organizations while simultaneously offering some of the best acts available in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area.

David Stewart is proud of this festival; it brings a lot to the community and is just one more example of the growing arts and culture scene in the area. He encourages all to attend . . . he sure will be!

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